What you can do with Large Format Printing

Large format printing gives you the luxury of an expanded area to work within because, by definition, it supports the maximum print roll width. Large format printing is ideal for materials that have graphic-heavy designs and is best used for the creation of banners, blueprints, posters, signage, trade show displays, and yard signs. Below are a few large format projects onascoprint can help you create.



Effectively grab your customer’s attention with banners in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Due to their sheer size, banners are great for readability and will help you get your message noticed. You can keep your messages clear and concise to make a big impact that people will notice from far away.



Make a professional first impression with high-quality blueprints, whether you are an architect, interior designer, contractor, or a home builder. Large printed blueprints give you the best opportunity to present and tell the story of your plans for your client’s space. Throughout the presentation, you can also use the additional space on the blueprints to further conceptualize, ideate, and edit the design to reach your client’s goals.


With large format printing, you can create posters of all shapes and sizes to make a big impact at your next meeting, event, conference, or tradeshow. Posters are an ideal medium to display information about a special event or promotion. Posters are readable from far away and allow you to attract more attention than a small flyer; many stores like to use posters to grab the attention of customers right as they walk into the store. You can also create a poster for fun personal projects, like a sign to welcome attendees to a party or a poster for your child’s sports team.

Tradeshow Displays


Differentiate your business and maximize your conference or tradeshow booth space with effective and eye-catching signage and displays that specifically meet your organization’s needs. A professionally printed and striking tradeshow display will not only boost your business’ credibility but also help you stand out from other booths while getting your prospective customers’ attention as they walk the tradeshow floor. An effective tradeshow display will also demonstrate your expert knowledge to those who pass by your booth.

Yard Signs

Make an impact and get your business noticed throughout the neighborhood with yard signs crafted in a wide range of materials and sizes. Yard signs allow you to specifically target a community or area while also focusing on high-traffic locations where you can be sure your message will be noticed. Yard signs are also extremely versatile because you can distribute them to your customers or advocates so they can advertise or support your special cause, political campaign, or business.

Large format printers are pretty amazing machines, and if you have access to one, you’ll be able to create some pretty amazing projects for your home or business. The technology of large printing has advanced so much in the last few decades that items that could only be ordered through a specialty printer can now be created by anyone who owns one. Here are just a few of the amazing things you can create with a large format printer.

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